The History of Tattoo Fever

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Mike always having the talent and loving to draw, came up with a brainstorm one day that would hopefully end his back-breaking, knee-breaking days as a mason. Although he did enjoy this work and was very creative with it as well, he did love to draw, had already collected a couple tattoos himself and knew this was his calling.

It just so happened that Mike, his brother Bob, also a mason at the time, and their friends were hired to build an addition to Pelham Tire. This addition was to be rented as office space. Norman, the owner and long time family friend was happy to work out an agreement with Mike to help him get his business off the ground. "Thanks Norman!"

The business opened in December of 1982 as "Tattoos by Mike & Lisa". Of course it takes time for a business to build, we had time to hang out, play a little cards, or maybe watch a little TV between tattoos.

We met new people, and made new friends. We did still have two young children at home Nikki age 2 and Mike (Mike Jr.) only 5 months. This was tough sometimes to get sitters although family helped a lot. Auntie Vikki, Mammy & Pepere, Auntie Rose, Grammy Phyllis, Grammy Veit, Auntie Gail and Uncle Ed. "Thanks!"

In fall of 1983 Dana came in with his portfolio looking for work. Another gifted artist! This was great! Mike and Lisa found a new partner and Lisa had more time with the kids, but something had to be done about the name… hmm… "Tattoo Fever" Mike said, and he was right! It is a fever, an obsession. "Bet ya can't get just one!" HaHa!

As time went on, the business grew! Word of mouth, great reputation, comfortable atmosphere, we took on more artists.

No more time for cards or TV.

We currently have three artists working: Mike Sr., Dana, and Mike Jr. (our son). We have expanded the business to perform body piercing and we carry a selection of body jewelry as well as "Tattoo Fever" t-shirts, sweat shirts, and gift certificates. There you have our "Tattoo Fever History".

December of 2013 will be our 31th anniversary! Thank you to all our loyal friends and patrons!

Over the years, our good work and hard earned reputation have brought in some interesting people.

~ The Tattoo Fever Crew


To schedule an appointment, check availability or make changes to an existing appointment please call the shop directly at 603-635-3129. While we try to answer our email and Facebook posts in a timely manner it is best to reach us during regular business hours.

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Tattooing is prohibited for anyone under the age of 18 in New Hampshire. This is the law, even with parental/guardian consent. Tattoo Fever does not make any exceptions.


Body piercing under the age of 18 is legal when; parent or legal guardian is present with birth certificate and state issued photo ID. Tattoo Fever does not make any exceptions.