• Remove bandage after 1-2 hours.
  • Wash with soapy water to remove any ointment left from bandage.
  • Apply a thin layer of A&D ointment.
  • Apply ointment as needed for 5-7 days, remembering to wash off old ointment before you apply the new.
  • If a pimply rash should appear, discontue use of ointment and let it dry out.
  • Keep your tattoo clean and moisturized to prevent scabbing.
  • If it does scab - DO NOT PICK!
  • Itching may occur - DO NOT SCRATCH!
  • Keep out of direct sun, chlorinated water, tanning beds and salt water.
  • Air it out as much as possible. If you need to cover it, use paper towels.
  • Remember to change the dressing every 3-4 hours.



Apply ice as soon as possible and continue to use ice for the first two days to control swelling. Use Listerine (dilute with water) rinse after you eat, drink, or smoke. Do not use more than 6 times a day. Be sure to check your balls before bed (ha ha) make sure they're tight. Glyoxide may be used in addition to Listerine if desired. Follow instructions on package.

Lip / Labret

Use Listerine to rinse and clean the inside of your mouth. Use Ear Care solution to clean the outside of your piercing.

Navel / Nipple

Clean jewelry and piercing with Dial Antibacterial soap twice daily. Wet area using warm water, turn the ring to one side, soap up with dial and rinse well. When rinsing turn the ring all the way to the bead one way, and all the way to the bead again on the other side. Repeat turning the ring through back and forth a few times while rinsing to be sure all soap is removed.

Ear / Eyebrow / Nose

Twice daily, use Ear Care solution to clean piercing. Apply solution to a q-tip, wipe and turn jewelry cleaning well. No need to rinse the solution.

  • Do not touch a new piercing other than cleaning it. Infection may occur as a result of handling with dirty hands.
  • Do not hesitate to consult a physician if you feel that infection may be present.
  • Minor soreness may be experienced when piercing is new or healing.
  • If soreness is accompanied by excessive redness and discharge occurs, you may have an infection.
  • Do not remove jewelry before consulting a physician as removal alone may not clear the problem.
  • Body jewelry may be removed and changed after piercing is healed
  • Jewelry should be soaked in Isopropyl alcohol 70% before inserting into piercing.